UI/UX Designer

Pune, India


As a UI/UX Designer, you do more than bring products to life. You use your strong creative background to create powerful stories that capture an audience and leave them wanting more

What you will do...

  • Design and create enticing motion graphics for video deliverables (corporate videos, explainer videos, websites, marketing demos, etc.)
  • Working with the Creative Marketing team closely and coming up with new ideas which can lead to great output
  • Understanding of animation, storytelling, and character development techniques
  • Turning ideas into visuals across media to communicate our brand to the users
  • Researching the latest design trends to create visuals for our brand
  • Prepare storyboard for motion graphic project
  • Assist in selecting audio, video, colours, animation, etc for graphic design
  • Edit raw video footage and add effects/elements to enhance motion graphics

We expect you to have...

  • 1+ years of relevant experience in UX/motion graphic
  • Strong communication skills
  • Have a strong portfolio showcasing you are a proficient designer as well as an expert video editor, who knows how to use type, colour, and visual hierarchy to communicate quickly and effectively
  • Conceptual thinking in both storytelling and motion design and strong knowledge of industry-standard software tools, such as After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Photoshop

Your Application

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